The Easy Way to Start Packing

I know that packing a home is a daunting task.  Actually, I think a lot of folks worry more about packing their home than they do about moving to a new neighborhood.  One thing that I have found that makes a world of difference it to “Thin the Herd” before you begin. That is, start with getting rid of all the excell paperwork and clothing the household items you can before you begin packing.  Try to reduce the amount that you need to pack by reducing the amount of items that need to be packed.

For example, I have a client right now who is a lovely older lady who is moving from a condo to assisted living.  She has hired a mover but is overwhelmed by the prospect of sorting and deciding what to pack.  My partner and I have been going to her condo in our free time to help her sort thru 30 years of paperwork and items so that she can have the movers take only what is necessary and what she will use.  A prime area for reduction has been the thick files of old bills and papers that are no longer needed (is some cases dating from the 1980s).  Having been thru every piece of paper in her condo, we were able to place all of the necessary items in one large plastic file box.   The items are now in individual file folders and are labeled accordingly.  She told me she feels such a sense of relief.

Next we moved onto clothing and personal items.  With my client, we have gone thru an enormous amount of clothes and purses and knicknacks that she no longer uses.  I boxed them up and called a local charity to pick them up. The best part is that you can start doing this before you even list your home for sale and before you start shopping for a new one.

You’re Gonna Flip When You Hear This

It looks like home flipping is back and quite popular again as the real estate market recovers.  According to one of the foremost authorities for online real estate date, RealtyTrac, home flipping is up a whopping 19 percent from a year ago.  And if we look back to the first half of 2011 its up 74 percent.  Flipping? We couldn’t even sell a home one time during the market crash, let alone resell it at a profit within 6 months. In south Florida one of the most popular flips is for investors to form an LLC and buy distressed homes at a discount price.  Then they send in their own crew to freshen the home up, with new paint, floors, appliances and cabinets.  They use the same crew time and time again. Some of the workers even stay in the homes while they are under renovation as a pseudo house-sitter.  Since many buyers favor homes that are move-in ready, these flipped home sell fast and the LLC makes a tidy profit.  See the RealtyTrac website